Dental surgery & implantology

Dental surgery & implantology:

Dental implants are artificial replacement for teeth. Implants are placed surgically and left in place for 6 moths, so bone and implant unite together. After 6 months, the implants are ready to receive weather crown or bridge, and patient can restore missing teeth and go back to normal life as before.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Restore perfect smile.
Restore chewing activity as before.
Conservative approach, with implants no need to do any drilling to adjacent teeth to restore both esthetic and function.
Improve pronunciation, patients with missing front teeth encounter unclear speech. Implants secure clear speech and more confidence in the community.

Are dental implants successful treatment?
Different factors affecting implants success, for example, bone type, soft tissue thickness or any systemic disease etc. However, the success rate is ranging 90-97%, as long as you follow the surgeon instructions, your dental implants will last for long years.